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Blog for Juicy Marbles

This blog is a little bit more out there. I explored the topic: why eat realistic-looking plant meats if disgusted by animal meat? I love Juicy Marbles' edgy voice and branding, and I am really proud of this piece.

Website for Scone

I designed the Scone website to cater to specific target audiences, such as cities, banks, and businesses, with services organized for easy navigation.

How we can solve the climate crisis

Blog for Good Catch

For this blog, I researched the literature on sustainable agriculture and discussed how a plant-based diet can help save the planet we call home.


Website for The House of Moringa

The House of Moringa website educates visitors on the powerful benefits of Moringa as an all-around supplement and leads clients to purchase the elegantly designed products.

Blog for VegNews about the Vegan Junk Food Bar

Blog for VegNews

This blog on the Vegan Junk Food Bar was shared over 1400 times in the first week!

It showcases 10 of their drool-worthy menu items.

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