Webcopy for Rita Tojal

Complete website structure and webcopy for Rita Tojal.com. Rita is an Eco-psychologist, travel expert, and life guide.

Webcopy for The House of Moringa

Complete website structure and webcopy for The House of Moringa. A sustainable Moringa company on a mission to nourish your body, mind and soul.

Blog for VegNews

This blog on the Vegan Junk Food Bar was shared over 1400 times in the first week!

It showcases 10 of their drool-worthy menu items.

Blog for ProVeg

ProVeg works with big food producers to "veganize" popular products. Here I wrote about how ProVeg helped bring plant-based coconut macaroons to the Dutch market.

Blog for Faunalytics

For this blog, I researched the literature on sustainable agriculture and discussed what needs to happen so we can feed the ever-growing human population.