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Christine Lycklama freelance sustainability copywriter the natural word

Hey there! My name is Christine, welcome.

I’m one of those lucky people that discovered their life mission at a very young age. I was already concerned with the way we treat our planet as I was growing up. I decided to do whatever I can to save the earth’s ecosystems. 

With my mission in mind, I got my graduate degree in ecology and conservation in the Netherlands. Here I learned about the importance of keeping ecosystems intact and the ways this can be achieved. 

This is where I discovered the power of the written word. Giving people a flat list of facts about the state of our planet isn't effective in inspiring action. We humans react to stories we can relate to.

Organizations with a sustainable message have the capacity to inspire large numbers of people to live more consciously. I want to help these organizations get their message heard by a broad audience. My content inspires people to take action and to invest in sustainable products.

Are you one of these sustainable organizations? And do you want to reach more people with a clearer message? Then I’m the writer for you! Let’s work on our planet-saving mission.  



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